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ITSARTS ART CENTRE, SECTOR 28, NOIDA (INDIA),                                                                                             Phone: 9911035635, 9990642796

Web site: www.itsarts.in                                                                                                                                                Email:itsarts@gmail.com   



Name: First _______________________________                                 Last_________________________________

(Please fill this if you are under 18):
Mother: ________________________                                 Father:    _____________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________


Age: Check One:  Child (8-12)  __  Teen (14 to 70) ___ Adult (14 and above)___

Please check the session you want to enroll:


Session 1 - Free hand drawing and coloring with crayons /pencil colors.

Session 2 – Sketching & Watercolor

Session 3 – Combination of Sessions 1 & 2

Session 4 - Oil Painting

Session 5 – Combination of Sessions 1 to 4

Session 6 - Commercial  Oil Paintings (Artist may be given priority by ITSARTS Gallery) 


Amount enclosed:  Rs_________________

Phone __________________   (Mobile)_______________________

Email __________________________________________________

Emergency Contact: Mr./Mrs./Ms._______________________________ Phone___________________

(Please mail the registration form along with the check or deliver the form with check/cash to the address printed at the top)


DISCOUNTS - Siblings: Enroll one child, and for each additional sibling enrolled, receive an Rs 50/- discount off the total combined fee.

Friends: Enroll one child, and for each additional friend enrolled, an Rs 25/- discount will be given to the first enrolled child.  Two benefits can not be combined.



NOTES: Payment can be made in cash or Cheques. Cheques should be made payable to “SD CHOPRA” with student’s name.

                 Payment must be made at the time of registration prior to the first lesson of the session and it can’t be returned or adjusted in case of missed class by the student.                  However, if we cancel the class for any reason, a make up class will be held.

                 We reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or combine classes when necessary. If minimum enrollment is not met, students will be notified in advance and a full refund                  will be issued.

                 Material (Paper, different media colors, pencil, eraser etc.) can be included in the learning cost and will be available for class use only.

                 I have read the details of the art classes.



Signature of Individual OR Parent/Guardian___________________________________                    Date______________________